Skills to pay the bills

Just had to go on that night out with your mates, but now the bar tab has come back to haunt your overdraft? We have a fix for that.

We’re giving contestants the chance to pay o a huge bill – IF they’ve got the skills. Each contestant is shown an amazing viral video – from slicing a banana in half with a thrown playing card, to popping a champagne cork with a golf swing – and we’ve replicated the exact conditions. Given 100 chances to nail the shot, can they succeed?

If they do we’ll pay o their bill. Fail and they’ll have to admit that they haven’t the skills to pay the bills.

Distributor The Story Lab Duration 3.5’ (short form) 30’/60’ (long form)

Broadcaster: Storylab

Distributor: youngest

Duration: 3.5’ (short form) 30’/60’ (long form)