DAte or dump

We’re gamifying the first date. Can you actually judge a book by

its cover? It’s time to find out by giving singletons the most awkward

date ever. Each singleton answers questions about secrets from the other’s past.

If they make the correct assumption about their new match’s sordid

history, the pair earn cash. At the end of the date, based on

the shocking things they’ve learned, both must decide: will they date or

dump? Both choose date and they enjoy a night out together with the

money. One dumps, and that person takes all the cash. Both dump and

both get nothing.

The first episode aired on Unilad's Facebook page and received 2 million views

within 48 hours.

Broadcaster: UNILAD

Distributor: The Story Lab

Duration: 3’ (short form)

30’/60’ (long form)