Game Of Clones receives great reception at MIPTV

C21 Media highlights our new dating show Game Of Clones as being one of the "Hottest new IP on offer" at MIPTV. Ed Waller reported from Cannes:

"Interestingly, much of the hottest new IP on offer – multiplatform or otherwise – comes from a new generation of smaller indie producer outside the usual production behemoths, such as Youngest Media’s Game of Clones and Pitch Battle from Tuesday’s Child, reflecting the growing confidence among some commissioners to take punts on new ideas from start-ups. Those start-ups are often founded by escapees from the M&A frenzy that has built up those behemoths in the first place, so it’s ironic and refreshing that they’re stealing commissions from the big boys."

If you have a C21 subscription you can read the full article here

Aissetou Ngom